Sunday, 21 March 2010
Ok so I've been having some break out issues recently,
I don't know if it is down to weather change, hormones or makeup????

So that's problem number 1!
Number 2 is money,

basically I'm in my last year as a student and so therefore I have no money =[
So not much I can do atm about 2 so lets deal with 1!With not much money I went into boots to have a look at their own brand skincare range
and purchased:...


The face wash isn't bad, I don't really like using washes with lots of ingredients
but there isn't a lot I can do about it atm.
The application it's a clear gel formula that does leave your face feeling clean. As for it working on my break outs not really sure yet I'll give it some more time.
But my face does look less red though!

Here are the ingredients...

[BTW on my nails is OPI - Tickle My FRANCE, I'm totally loving nude nails AKA Mannequin hands <3]

So all in all for the price not bad at all. I don't think this would work for really bad skin, plus I would suggest using something with less ingredients!
I won't be using it all the time only when my skin decides to go all spotty on me, but when I have more money I'm going to be looking for something more natural...any suggestions??

P.S sorry for the crappy photo's, camera lead still MIA!


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